Planning application details ref: AA191599 Meath CoCo

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Planning Application: AA191599 (Meath CoCo)
File Number: AA191599
Application Type: PERMISSION Planning Status: WITHDRAWN
Received Date: 28/11/2019 Decision Due Date:
Validated Date: 28/11/2019 Invalidated Date:
Further Info Requested: 30/01/2020 Further Info Received: 06/07/2020
Withdrawn Date: 17/08/2020 Extend Date:
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Leave to Appeal: Appeal Date:
Commenced Date: Submissions By: 05/08/2020

Applicant Details

Applicant name: N2 Auto Salvage Limited
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Proposed Development

Development Description: the works seeking retention permision include; 1) Retention of the change of use of an existing shed, to a use facilitating waste processing. 2) Retention of concrete yard area and associated class 1 full retention separator servicing same. 3) Retention of modified site boundary. 4) Retention of site security palisade fence. 5) Retention of volume of End of Life Vehicles stored onsite at any one time over the threshold specifield in Condition 15(a) of planning application reference number AA151273. The works seeking planning permission include; 1) Proposed 5 bay monopitch shed to facilitate processing of end of life vehicles. 2) Proposed increase in annual tonnage accepted at the facility to 4,000 tonnes per year. 3) All ancillary site development works. The above listed works will require a review of the existing 'Waste Facility Permit' which will be sought through a separate application to Meath County Council. Significant further information/revised plans submitted on this application
Development Address: Bullstown & Wotton , The Ward , Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Architect Name: Boylan Engineering Location Key: BULLSTOWN
Electoral Division: Incorrect Icl Voter Recor Planner: Alan Russell
Social Housing Exempt: Plan Enforcement #:
IPC Licence Required: No Waste Licence Required: No
Protected Structure: No Protected Structure #:
Development Name:

Proposed Development


Significant Case Flag: Comments: Agreed to extend period for submission of FI to 24/12/2021


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