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Planning Application: ka200292 (Meath CoCo)
File Number: ka200292
Received Date: 05/03/2020 Decision Due Date: 24/06/2020
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Applicant name: Arceus Developments Ltd
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Proposed Development

Development Description: EXTENSION OF DURATION OF PLANNING PERMISSION KT800014 - a mixed use town centre development comprising of retail, residential, commercial, creche, civic space and ancillary and associated uses on a site of c7.86 hectares (c19.42 acres). A 10 year planning permission is sought. The total development comprises of 199 no. residential units, 15,833 sq m of retail and commercial uses and a total of 961 no car parking spaces (being 264 no surface, 697 no contained spaces) and a total of 224 no cycle spaces, the site is bounded to the north by established development fronting to Kenlis Place and Headfort Place, to the west by established development fronting to Bective Street and Farrell Street, to the east by playing fields associated with the Secondary School, and to the south by undeveloped zoned lands. The development will be accessed from a new vehicular and pedestrian entrance from Bective Street and Farrell Street to facilitate the entrance the proposal includes works to the Junction of Suffolk Street, Farrell St & Bective St. A new street will be created aligned generally east to west from this entrance.Building 1 consists of 4 storey building containing a crèche of 435.9 sq m gross floor area, 2 no retail units ground floor level (combined gross retail floor area 422.9 sq m) and 6 no office units at first, second & third floor levels with a combined net floor space of 1,662.3 sq m. Buildings 2 and 3 are both 3 storeys in height each consist of 24 no 2 bedroom apartments.Building 4 is 4 storey in height which consists of 22 no apartments (8 no 3 bedroom, 8 no 2 bedroom and 6 no 1 bedroom apartments), 52 sq m of common storage area provided at ground floor level.Building 5 is a 4 storey over basement in height and accommodates 12 no retail units with a combined gross floor area of 1,339 sq m at ground floor level and 42 no apartments at first , second and third floor levels (being 14 no 1 bedroom, 22 no 2 bedroom and 6 no 3 bedroom apartments). Parking for 64 cars and bin storage (45sqm) is provided at basement level. Building 6 is 2 storey over basement in height and consists of 40 no car parking spaces and 60 sq m of bin storage at basement level, 7 no retail units at ground floor level that have a gross floor area of 1,737sq m, 26 no residential units at first floor level (being 4 no 1 bed units and 22 no 2 bed units).
Development Address: Townparks, Kells, Co. Meath
Architect Name: Location Key: TOWNPARKS
Electoral Division: Incorrect Icl Voter Recor Planner: Terence Loane
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IPC Licence Required: No Waste Licence Required: No
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Proposed Development


Significant Case Flag: 9 Comments: The dates and timelines on this application may be affected by the Emergency Covid-19 legislation.


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