Planning application details ref: LB191735 Meath CoCo

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Planning Application: LB191735 (Meath CoCo)
File Number: LB191735
Application Type: PERMISSION Planning Status: NEW APPLICATION
Received Date: 19/12/2019 Decision Due Date: 21/02/2020
Validated Date: 19/12/2019 Invalidated Date:
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Commenced Date: Submissions By: 31/01/2020

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Applicant name: CAP Developments LLC
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Proposed Development

Development Description: Alterations to existing road infrastructure within the site and clearance of the site (including removal of existing internal roadways and removal / diversion of services) to make way for the proposed development; Construction of a two storey (with mezzanine levels at both storeys) data storage facility building with a maximum overall height of c. 25 metres, containing data halls, associated electrical and AHU Plant Rooms, a loading bay, maintenance and storage space, office administration areas, screened plant and solar panels at roof level, all within a building with a total gross floor area (GFA) of c. 28,573 sq.m; Emergency generators (26 no.), emission stacks and associated plant are provided in a fenced compound adjacent to the data storage facility, along with a single emergency house supply generator; A 6 MVA substation and associated 6MVA electricity connection; A water sprinkler pump room, MV Building, unit substation, water storage tanks, humidifier tanks and diesel tanks and filling area; Modification of the existing entrance to the subject site (from the estate road to the east), which will function as a secondary entrance providing for emergency and construction access. A new main entrance and access control point to the lands is proposed (also from the estate road to the east) and a single-storey gate house/ security building at this entrance with a GFA of c. 29.5 sq.m.; Construction of internal road network and circulation areas, footpaths, provision of 50 no. car parking spaces and 26 no. cycle parking spaces within a bicycle shelter; Landscaping and planting (including provision of an additional planted berm to the northern boundary, and alterations to existing landscaping adjacent to the entrance to the Business and Technology Park), boundary treatments, lighting, security fencing, bollards and camera poles, bin store, and all associated site works including underground foul and storm water drainage network, attenuation areas, and utility cables, on an application site area measuring 19.46 hectares.
Development Address: Drogheda IDA Business and Technology Park, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co. Meath
Architect Name: Simon Sedgewick Location Key: RATHMULLEN
Electoral Division: Incorrect Icl Voter Recor Planner: Billy Joe Padden
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IPC Licence Required: No Waste Licence Required: No
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Proposed Development


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