Planning application details ref: LB200106 Meath CoCo

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Planning Application: LB200106 (Meath CoCo)
File Number: LB200106
Application Type: PERMISSION Planning Status: NEW APPLICATION
Received Date: 03/02/2020 Decision Due Date: 29/03/2020
Validated Date: 03/02/2020 Invalidated Date:
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Commenced Date: Submissions By: 08/03/2020

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Applicant name: Lagan Materials Ltd
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Proposed Development

Development Description: the development will consist of the continuance of operation of the existing permitted quarry (ABP 17.QD.0017), a lateral and vertical extension to the existing quarry including the deepening of the quarry extraction area by two extractive benches to 50m OD, within a total quarry extraction area of c. 4.5 ha, an increase in the permitted extraction rate to 200,000 tonnes per annum, provision of an aggregates and overburden stockpiling area and settlement lagoon system (c.2,000 m2), and restoration of the site to natural habitat after uses following completion of extraction, within an overall application area of c. 14.12 hectares, and all for a period of 20 years. An Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) has been prepared in respect of this planning application
Development Address: Heronstown Townland, Lobinstown, Navan, Co. Meath
Architect Name: Peter Kinghan Location Key: HERONSTOWN
Electoral Division: Incorrect Icl Voter Recor Planner: None
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IPC Licence Required: No Waste Licence Required: No
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Proposed Development


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